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Our products come from hard work, integrity and respect for the animals and environment.

Our Story

2020 was quite the year, especially in the hospitality industry. The COVID-19 pandemic caused many restaurants to close their doors. Evans Meats, another family owned business of ours, is a company built around providing restaurants with top notch service and high quality, unique products. By the middle of March, our sales had dropped 70% from the average week, most restaurants had closed or were scrambling to enhance their curbside service. While we were sitting with a warehouse full of fresh meats and seafood and sales were in the tank, we realized that we had to get creative to move fresh products and find new revenue streams.

After a day of shock, we pulled together as a team and began putting together a direct-to-consumer platform, offering curbside sales at the warehouse and remote locations where we sold out of the back of delivery trucks. It was a total hit, and we quickly discovered that people wanted the same products that the area’s top restaurants were using. So that was it – we created a brand and storefront that brings those same high quality and interesting meats, seafood, cheeses, and specialty products right into your own home!

Our Team

Addam Evans

Addam Evans


Addam has been in the meat business for 20 years and seafood business for 15 years. He will confidently admit that it’s basically in his blood and he loves it. Addam has always been interested in having a retail storefront but thought it would be something to pursue towards the tail end of his career. 2020 pushed the idea into more of a necessity, and the Son of Butcher venture came to fruition. He’s always liked taking risks and trying new things, so he is excited to bring this business to life.

Cliff Lawler

Cliff Lawler

Shop Manager

Cliff is from a small town outside Huntsville called New Market. He graduated from Jacksonville State University with a BA in Communications but realized afterward that he wanted to cook for a living. So he moved to Birmingham to go to Culinard. He began working at Bottega before he graduated and stayed there for several years. Cliff also cooked and managed at Jim and Nicks’ and Hot and Hot. His last job before coming to Evans was at Whole Foods where he worked in leadership roles in the Meat and Seafood departments. He can’t wait to be back in a role where his culinary, butchering and fish mongering experience can all be put to use. With his passion for customer service, he looks forward to meeting and serving all those who choose to come visit The Son of a Butcher.

Brian McMillan

Brian McMillan


Connecting people to cheese and cheesemakers is Brian’s passion. He has been in the cheese world for 20 years, and wouldn’t have it any other way. He strives to find the best makers here in the South, as well as places far and wide, to make meaningful connections with farmers and producers who are making a difference to the working rural landscape. His real passion is small family farms. The specialty counter at Son of a Butcher is the evolution of a collective dream that is shared with both Addam and Brian to operate the best full-service, cut to order cheese shop in the South. Brian measures his personal success by finding that one cheese that is going to make an individual person want to sing with joy.


A major priority for our business is seeking out unique producers and cultivating relationships. Getting on a plane or taking a road trip to meet suppliers is major part of the process. It is fun, educational and a few good stories always come from it. Most of all, we learn what goes into producing high quality beef, pork, fish, cheese, etc. There is always hard work, integrity, respect for the animals and the environment involved. The good producers understand how respect for the animal and the environment go hand in hand, and they work together to produce a high-quality product.

People who make things that we like: Sequatchie Cove Creamery, Sweetgrass Dairy, Blackberry Farms, Capriole Farms, Cellars at Jasper Hill, Stony Pond Farm, Maplebrook Farm, Neals Yard Dairy, Essex Cheese, Columbia Cheese, Gourmino Cheese, Spotted Trotter Meats, Smoking Goose Meatery, Vermont Salumi, Nueske’s Meats, Sheridan’s Crackers, Fratelli Galloni, Manicaretti, Regalis Foods, Conservas Ortiz

Addam holding a large mahi-mahi
Kirk Abernathy on the swordfish grading floor
Addam holding a beef rib section on the grading floor