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Quality provisions for

the common cook.


We are sons of a butcher named Butch, yes, really. We come from humble beginnings and work hard to supply the best meat, seafood, and cheese Birmingham has to offer.



At The Son of a Butcher, we like to work with smaller producers. Smaller operations allow you more access into the inner workings of the operation, like having a continuing relationship with the general manager and having direct access to the cattle buyer. It allows you to have a relationship with the people who make the operation tick, not just talking with a salesman.



The fresh seafood business is all about trust, so meeting fishermen face to face is important to us. A solid relationship with the fisherman gives a good inside look at their process, where they fish, how long the boats are on the water, how they store the fish while on the boat, etc.



With over 30 years of combined experience in specialty food, our cheesemongers and specialists are focused on bringing the best cheese and specialty products from all over the world to Birmingham, including our favorite local and regional producers.