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We are sons of a butcher named Butch (yes, really). We come from humble beginnings and work hard to supply the best meat, seafood and cheese Birmingham has to offer.


At The Son of a Butcher, we like to work with smaller producers. Smaller operations allow you more access into the inner workings of the operation, like knowing the cattle buyer or the guy who owns the boats. It allows you to have a relationship with the people who make the operation tick, not just talking with a salesman.


The fresh seafood business is all about trust, so meeting fishermen face to face is important to us. A solid relationship with the fisherman gives a good inside look at their process, where they fish, how long the boats are on the water, how they store the fish while on the boat, etc.

Cheese &
Specialty Items

With over 30 years of combined experience in specialty food, our cheesemongers and specialists are focused on bringing the best cheese and specialty products from all over the world to Birmingham, including our favorite local and regional producers.


Pure Bred Lamb from Elysian Fields

What makes it so special? The breed cross is a Dorset female and a Suffolk male. The Dorset sheep is known more for producing more inner-muscular fat, while the Suffolk Sheep is known for producing meat with a milder flavor. This is a very traditional cross, creating a tremendous quality lamb for the table.

Indian Lagoon Oysters

Indian Lagoon Oysters are not only some of the plumpest most delicious oysters from the Gulf Coast but they are also helping restore the ecosystem. The oysters help filter the water creating a better environment for other sea life to flourish such as stone crabs and shrimp. They have a deep shell, briny, meaty flavor and are best served raw with a mignonette sauce.

Neal’s Yard Dairy Coolea

Having moved from Holland to Coolea, County Cork in Ireland, Dick and Helene Willems began producing this cheese based on a traditional Gouda. Scalded and washed curd to reduce acidity results in a creamy mouthfeel with a pleasant tyrosine crunch, notes of butterscotch and caramel, and a distinctive buttery-grassy finish.